Sweat With Kayla




Get in shape with this personal trainer




Sweat With Kayla is Kayla Itsines’, the famous Instagram celebrity, official training app. The app shows you can easily follow her workout routines, dedicating only 28 minutes per day and with a minimum amount of training equipment.

In order to start using Sweat With Kayla you need to buy the subscription first. Once you’ve created a user account you’ll get a seven day free trial but you still need to provide a payment method, which could discourage many potential users.

As soon as you’ve got your user account you can start taking advantage of the app. You’ll find different types of training routines for each day of the week as well as recipes and nutritional plans that are meant to complement your routines.

Sweat With Kayla is a training app that’s specially geared towards women and that offers you nutritional plans as well as training routines.